Friday, July 4, 2014

What Do I Choose?

Inspired while on a plane to Seattle and after reading a bit of "The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight" by Thom Hartmann. 

I need to commit to being a more responsible inhabitant of this planet.

For those of us who have the capacity for greater thinking, expanded thought process and creativity, we need to come together and collaborate to solve the world's problems while moving forward with living. 

There are always many different scenarios. There are endless possibilities and lines of probability. They can be optimistic or dismal. But if left to chance alone, without the willpower of the philanthropists or the willing servers and healers, the balance will be shifted in favor of those who choose short-sightedness and selfishness for over the goodness and long-term proliferation of all. Whether this is due to self-malevolence acting outward at the expense of the unaware, or to ignorance, or a a lack of fulfillment, it does not matter. What matters is that forces of ill will, which we can even for dramatic effect give the names dark forces or evil, exist. These forces that would tip the balance of planetary resources and energy of human potential and collective consciousness towards disorder for selfish and temporary gain will follow fate of entropy unless countered by order and willpower if those that choose altruism or at the very least sustainability. 

I believe in universal forces. I believe in greater Intelligent Source that is able to orchestrate a grand scheme and scenario in terms of societal interplay and longevity. I believe that Source would not grant us short-handed of the necessary forces on both sides of the equation in order for life and creation to thrive and perpetuate itself. Any other viewpoint unto the nature of the Creator is absurdly fatalistic. Why would the Creator toss us all into a fishbowl just to see how ugly its demise could be? What is the pleasure in that? What is the payoff to the Creator?

I make this last point because I want to show in more simple, rational terms that the point of our existence is to exist and thrive, not just decay. Therefore there must already be sufficient forces of good and numbers of individuals with willpower and creative capacity to make such an existence unfold. 

Then where are we?

How do we find ourselves? If there is a higher source orchestrating all of this, wouldn't we also be given the awareness to know what role we need to play? 

Well, yes. I think we all do have access to this higher plan, both on the grand scale and more individually unique to each of us. We all contain light of awareness and the creative spark. I believe when we awaken to our true selves and our true nature, we can then freely express our uniqueness and from this place of understanding create with awareness. We can engage our willpower and create for ourselves and for the whole. When in alignment with our truest selves, we know what our purpose is; who we are, what understandings we have, what our role is in this overall creation. Then whatever vocation we move forward in with awareness is in alignment with the Creator's plan. Then as if by a miracle everything falls into place. Everything flows and moves forward effortlessly. We are in alignment with the universal laws out forth by the Creator. 

As a healer, I see myself helping others to remember their inner light, their creative essence, their healing power. I help hold space and set their intentions in motion so that they can more truly know and fulfill their true selves. Not the selfish, egoic, survivalist self that requires more narrow focus in order to survive. Many of us are past this evolutionary stage of development. We need to consolidate and graduate these survival energies and begin using more of our creative energies. Such is the natural unfoldment of the creative process. 

To illustrate this, I will turn to the simple pattern seen everywhere in nature: birth, life, sex, death. Egg, larvae, caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly. Infancy, adolescence, adulthood, old age/wisdom. Time unfolds this cycle of life everywhere and always. 

Life and nature is about patterns, be it on the micro or macrocosm, from simplicity to more complex and once again back to simplicity. This is the creation cycle. If our current universe was born of the Big Bang, first was just all a contraction of light and matter, bursting forth into a giant swirling pool of matter, energy and light, eventually taking on order and collecting into more stable and intricate form, to ... ? 

We need to step up. We need to claim our place in the universe and on this planet. We cannot hide our heads in the sand. What keeps us from lifting our heads and becoming courageous? Fear. Worry. Possibility of discomfort. All human emotions and lack of belief in ourselves and our creative power. 

Unless we remember our true nature as creators, or are inspired by our own uniqueness, there will not be any real progress forward or cleaning up of our own mess; we get lost in despair and think this life is all for nothing. And we don't see how fulfilling our individual role can then aid the whole. 

But, if we CAN see that in knowing ourselves, in becoming aware and having the inner tools of forgiveness and healing, that we DO in fact fulfill our individual plan and thus the Creator's plan, then we can do no wrong! Everything is possible! 

And if everything is possible, then what do I choose? 

That's the beauty of it. It's for you to decide. 

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