Monday, June 17, 2013

Hello and Welcome

I’m a Scorpio (Sun in Scorpio). While this might be a generalization, it’s a good place to start. Scorpios are intense, passionate, mysterious – and equally curious to explore all such things. What is hidden and obscure to many is the Scorpio’s dream. All things written here are always topics of meditation, exploration, and scrutiny in my everyday life.

On my journey as a healer, a spiritual entity and a human being, I can’t help but continually search for greater understanding about myself and the world each day. This is my inner mantra, my heartbeat.

I can’t help it – it’s simply what I do. This goes on whether written or not…  so why not share my insights and explorations along the way? Maybe they can spark something in you, too.

I’m a Chicagoland native.  I’m married and have a dog (best Puggle in the world!), 3 turtles, a tortoise, and a lizard (the snake and toad passed away a couple years ago, unfortunately). I am studying and practicing in energy medicine to become a healer. My previous career was in Life Sciences – trajectories in life ranging from veterinary to ecological sciences, settling in research and development of eco-friendly commercial plant products for a time.

I thirst for knowledge and wisdom.  I explore topics related to metaphysics, astrology, energy work, healing arts, science, and even philosophy. Connecting ideas and fields of thought within cultural and narrative contexts, these topics are sometimes covered more distinctly and objectively, while other times more fluid and interwoven in personal experience. Throughout are the underpinning that we are individual beings of light, endowed with free will, intelligence and a purpose to be creators. We are first and foremost spirit, encapsulated in a soul, harnessing universal energy and substance into energy bodies and finally physical matter. We are meant to live our soul’s purpose, gaining wisdom and understanding each lifetime to become whole and complete as a spiritual being – and in fulfilling our individual paths, we also elevate the collective.

My love of nature is profound and integral to who I am. I have a daily spiritual practice that hinges upon meditation, mindfulness and energetic practices. My ways to express these are through Kundalini Yoga, Middle Eastern Dance (bellydance), and Shamanic Dreaming. I have studied formally and informally many modes of spirituality, including Metaphysics and Shamanism. Many of my practices lead back to honoring the Divine Feminine, embodied in the Earth Mother – hence my love of nature.

All in all, my spiritual practices are geared to expand mindfulness and elevate consciousness, and integrate spirituality into physical life.

Oh. And I’m still human. I love electronic dance music (even before this term was coined), dancing, working out, biking, and working with plants and animals (especially reptiles). I love all kinds of food and being healthy, invigorating activities, comedy, and driving fast … shhh….

This blog is for me as much as it is for you. If you find something that startles you or disturbs your preconceived notions about the world, good! Please help me do the same. Otherwise, how else will I continue to learn and grow?

There is no one path. There is only the beauty of the individual journey and how it finds its way. Here is mine.


  1. Thanks for the invitation on this journey with you; I look forward to reading your thoughts, accepting your positivity, learning from your experience and hopefully being provoked to think more about myself and the world I share.

  2. Looking foreword to reading your adventures of "your mind"

    1. Thanks Kenn! I'm not sure which is scarier, mine or Bill's.

  3. This is great! You're connecting with lots of wonderful people and sharing very positive thoughts. You create the pluses of the Internet world!


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