Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Meditation: On Love

Just finished meditating. I am overwhelmed with this sense of Divine Love. I feel so peaceful.

I began like always with a prayer. Further into the meditation I visualized a lotus blooming in my Heart. And it grew, and grew ... warmth spreading through my Heart, extending out through the Crown of my head. I held my focus and felt I was in the presence of an embodiment of the Mother. Such pure, nurturing love radiating, pulsating in my Heart, spreading to my Third Eye, Solar Plexus, pooling and bursting through my Crown. Holding this sweet fire, as it seemed to dissolve any blockages in the Heart chakra. Then spreading tingling to my hands and fingers, I love this sweet feeling. Even now I feel pressure in my Third Eye and Crown; my Throat and ears on fire. (Sorry, I'm not really clairaudient yet!) 

Messages of love came to mind. I will share a passage I wrote in February of 2012 as part of an assignment given while I was a student in the School of Metaphysics:

"Love is acceptance of wholeness that is intrinsically ours, of which we are a part of, and the recognition of this connectedness with all of creation. Love is the embodiment of this awareness.

Love is what is experienced when we feel connected with all of Creation. Love is expansive, inclusive, and beyond judgement. It transcends perceived separation, taking the forms of forgiveness, acceptance, and thankfulness. It is complete acceptance of ourselves for who we are -- and for that matter, anyone, for exactly who they are. Love is openness and awareness to the giving and receiving of energy with another aspect of ourselves -- since we are all connected -- and experiencing the life-generating fields from this movement of energy."

In this age of consciousness, especially following the completion of the Venus transit in 2012 (initiated in 2004), energies of love are much more readily abundant and available to us. It is important to connect to love -- love of ourselves, and the feeling love resonating when we connect with fellow souls. 

I am grateful. I strive to rest in the Heart. Whenever I experience any fears, doubts or worries, by focusing my awareness on the Heart center and trusting fully in this awareness,  anything else vanishes. It is remarkable and the more I practice, the easier it becomes. 

Today's meditation was a blessing, a validation and reminder to continue this and to share this message. 


  1. I've often thought about love: how to give it, how to receive it, how to show it, how to inspire it, how to nurture it. I've never thought to define it. I read your fourth and fifth paragraphs over several times (and I will probably return to them again), not because they were unclear, but because I wanted to fully absorb the layers of meaning. I suspect that yours is a true definition of love, but not the only one, because love is many things.

    1. It is indeed impossible to limit love to any one definition, so my intent was to offer a universal portrait.


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