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Prayer to Lady Portia 

Here are the prayers I came across that were integral to the experience described in the July 4, 2013 blog entry, A Lesson in Karma, Compassion, and Justice

I call forth now beloved Portia to anchor and activate the purity of the Divine
Mother into my entire consciousness now. SO BE IT (3 times).
Mighty I AM PRESENCE I call to Beloved Portia to align my entire being with
the Divine Mother Holy Heart Flame. SO BE IT (x3).
Beloved Lady Portia please help us now bring forth the purity of our Loving
Divine Self and radiate that presence- so all who see it are brought into the
Divine Presence of the Divine Mother and the Divine Father and healed. SO IT
IS DONE (x3). 

"Lady Portia, the beloved twin flame of St Germaine, is one of the Lords of Karma representing the Seventh Ray on that Board ... You may apply in meditation to the Lords of Karma for release of personal or collective karma. If you do this, ask if karma may be released on every level - physical, mental emotional and spiritual, in every dimension and in every reality and universe."

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