Monday, June 24, 2013

Living From the Hara

Summer Solstice occurred last Friday. As the sun set on the shortest night of the year, I reflected on what I’ve been experiencing. Gratefully, it is fulfillment and manifestation -- this blog being one example. And not to talk too much about dreams, but in fact the night before the Solstice, I dreamed about being in my backyard tending three separate fires. Fire represents expansion. How fitting to be dreaming of fire also as the sun’s light was the longest of the year.

Manifesting means expanding beyond any fears, limitations or preconceived notions about what we believe is possible. It means utilizing qualities we have built in ourselves, igniting these with the creativity of our minds, and pushing outward with our will and personal power – our Hara.

I recently had my first Zen Shiatsu experience (also on the Solstice). The session begins and ends with assessing the Hara. In martial arts and Japanese healing arts like Zen Shiatsu, the Hara refers to the area of our lower belly and more. (More specifically, the tan tien or tan den is a point in the Hara and on the Haric Line resting below the navel.) All of the meridians of the body flow through here. It is our power center. 

In Healing Touch, we learn that when one is aligned with their Hara Line, they are grounded and strong in the intention of their soul's purpose. From Barbara Ann Brennan's book Light Emerging it states, “When our personal wants and desires are aligned with our spiritual longing or higher desires, our purposes are aligned and the creative principle in the universe can function unhindered” (288).

Yes! This is it, this is what I want -- to live from intentionality.

 "... to align the aspects of thinking, feeling, and willing. When thought, feeling and will to action are in harmony, they hold a synchronistic vibration (or harmonic resonance) that creates the possibility for a powerful and significant shift in health and wholeness” (Healing Touch Level 3 Workbook, 46). When aligned with the Hara, we bring the energy of intentionality into physical manifestation. It is quite possibly our most potent creative power.

At the apex of this year's light, I hope you too are manifesting your desires. Pour your light into your creations and relish their fulfillment. This is your power. 

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  1. I find it really interesting that our writings are so different, but we are both fundamentally concerned with dreams. It reinforces my feeling that we have things to teach one another.


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