Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My First Memory is a Dream

I was 2 or 3 years old. The dream goes, I was in my bedroom, in my crib. I had woken up during the night and was standing up in my crib, looking out of the open window across the bedroom. It was very quiet.  I had a sense of being self-aware.

Then the scene flashed, and I was in my mother's arms, and she was talking to me, soothingly, while looking out the window with me and explaining what was going on. Looking down onto our backyard, there were emergency vehicles - a fire truck, ambulance, police cars - and their lights were flashing silently, the sound of sirens became muted.

This only lasted a few seconds. Then the scene flashed again to me asleep in the crib. I remember hearing a chord, like the ending sound you hear to a movie's closing, as if to end this episode in my dreamtime. 

The thing is, I seemed to be observing these scenes as they happened, while also experiencing them. 

One can interpret the dream and say, I was piecing together elements from my recent experiences in daily life. Maybe I sat in a fire truck recently with my mom or saw some police cars with their lights flashing.

Another interpretation is me using my mind to see things outside of myself - outer circumstances which are drawing my attention. I'm doing this with the help of my highest Self, my highest guidance. And then finally coming back to a state of rest. The interesting thing is, there's an element of being Self-aware by experiencing and feeling the observer perspective.

I view this dream as me becoming aware of my own exploration of the world. Recognizing parts as outside of myself, rather than all-inclusive. It's fitting as my first memory because it’s surreal, quite literally a different world; definitely not a fixed reality, and surely the beginnings of my observer mind.

What are your first memories or dreams? Let’s explore. 

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Your description captures a lot of the spirit I have been striving for in my Dreamwatcher stories. I think I will have to ask your help in exploring these topics.

    I think for most of us (perhaps all of us) it is impossible to distinguish clearly between dream and substance in our earliest memories. I don't believe that children that young draw any distinction between their waking and sleeping experiences.


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