Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why Do We Wanna Meditate, Again?

Need a quick reminder why to meditate? Give me the bottom line, you say. I'll be honest, sometimes I'm impatient and totally ADD. So I'll make it quick.

1. Get clarity

Why do we need clarity, you say? Well, it simply makes life easier. Our vision is clear, our goals are set, we have a strong set of principles. Therefore all decisions in life are made much simpler and easier. Less time wasted.

2. Cut the crap

Get rid of the brain chatter. Clean out the inbox. We don't need all those messages ricocheting around our head from ourselves, from others. There's enough to deal with. Get clear and focus on the stuff that matters. 

3. Be Productive; Manifest!

What's all the clarity and visioning for unless we make something good of it? It's satisfying, especially when aligned with our values. That is the point. 

It comes down to being more efficient and effective. Ultimately less time and energy are wasted and so there's more time and space available for other things we love. Yay!

Another cool tidbit... when we use our whole mind to create, we fulfill our destiny as a human being. In case any of these other points aren't enough ;-)

Now, go! Meditate, do good, repeat. 

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