Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Theory on Beautiful Sound - This Is What It Feels Like

This is inspired by a song getting in my head today. Has that ever happened to you? You wake up with a song playing in your head, it continues all day... and sometimes, if you're lucky (if of course it's one you WANT to hear), you end up hearing it on the radio. This happened to me today.

The song: This is What It Feels Like, by Armin van Buuren. The version that happened to come on was by W and W, and which happens to be my favorite mix. It has a loud and pumping drop -- I can feel the energy of what it sounds like live. Amazing!!

I've seen Armin van Buuren live a number of times; recently at EDC (Electric Daisy Carnival) Chicago, at the Aragon Ballroom in Chicago, and at Vision Nightclub in Chicago when it existed. I've listened to him for years and charted many life events with his songs as my soundtrack. I always feel his sound connect directly to my soul. Ever since I started on the energy healing path, I've become quite addicted to the energy of electronic dance music, and especially more positive vibes. 

Especially this latest time of listening to a number of DJs live at EDC, I've come to greater realization about what makes some DJs more popular than others. There's a reason why Armin has been voted the world's #1 DJ 5 times. 

The nature of the universe is connectedness. The universe is moving increasingly towards a state of unification. And while not everyone may agree, I believe electronic dance music is one of the most beloved musical genres because it follows this idea. Armin van Buuren exemplifies this ideal to unify and uplift through music. What a gift! He is a master of sound. I'm sure he has lots of past life understandings built on how to connect to collective consciousness. His life's purpose seems to be to unify and uplift the masses through one of the most beautiful mediums -- music, sound, the harmonious blend of vibrations that can be healing, energizing. Sound has the ability to literally put us into a state of trance, from a psychological perspective and a physiological one. If you're curious about this, research drumming, shamanic trance music, how repetitive sounds alter brainwave patterns, and how rhythmic sounds alter bodily functions like heartbeat. Pretty cool stuff. 

The Universal Law of Tenfold Return basically states that any energy given freely that benefits another soul's growth returns to the giver ten times over. This is because the energy given is multiplicative, moving parts of creation towards a higher vibration and unification, which is closer to Source. This principle is in place to ensure that this return of energy can be used again and again towards higher purposes, reinforcing the positive intentional giving of energy towards the highest purposes and ideals. In short, for the greatest good of all. 

Hence, why Armin's music never fails to uplift millions of people again and again, and why one always feels empowered during and after hearing his sets. You'll know if music is beneficial and healing to you if you experience this full-body effect. Many thanks to all who possess this gift and who share it with the world!

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